“Unusual Soldiers” the Song

“Unusual Soldiers” the song from Caleb Bislow on Vimeo.

At Timberlakes Camp in 2006 Caleb Bislow decided to scrap all of his old sermons that “worked” at other camps and developed a series that matched the deepest depths of his heart. The title of the series was “Unusual Soldiers.”  The camp ended up being a pivotal moment for Caleb as he gained clarity on his calling to raise up Unusual Soldiers.  At the close of the camp one of the leaders, Bryan Canny, wrote a song that embraced Caleb’s life vision. Its a song about shifting from being the dry bones of a slain army in a battlefield to being Unusual Soldiers that long to be on the frontlines for Christ (Ezekiel 37). The song starts slow and ramps up to a battle cry – much like that of one transitioning from being spiritually dry/dead to being fully alive in Christ.


PS.  I could not find pictures from every group that has gone through training  so check back because your mug may be one of the faces on this video in the days aheads.