The World’s Most Dangerous Place

I did my “last” interview today on Moody Radio’s program, “Choose this Day” with Nancy Turner.   When Nancy asked me to tell the listeners about some of the most dangerous places that I have found myself in, my mind raced in a different direction than the interviews that I had done in the past.  I told her…

“As I have thought about this…I think the most dangerous place … that I have ever gone is actually the couch in my own living room.  Because it just tempts me to want to stay home.  It tempts me to want to pursue the American dream…So when I look at the [most] dangerous places [I’ve been] I guess its [those places] where I start to get comfortable back home and I no longer want to go overseas.”

Inherently, my couch is not a dangerous place…for me.  But it is extremely dangerous for the millions of people in the world who are waiting for someone like you and I to fight for them.

Its estimated…

  • that 27 million people are in slavery right now
  • that 4,000 children die from dysentery every day due to unclean water and poor sanitation 
  • that 100 million people worldwide are homeless and one third of those people have been uprooted from their home due to a tragedy.
  • that over 17,000 people have been illegally trafficked into the United States.
  • that  3 billion people survive on $2/day
  • that one third of the world has never heard about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus

That’s why my couch is dangerous.  That’s why I am continually daring myself and others to get off the couch.

Listen to Caleb’s 10 minute interview:

Caleb’s “Dangerous” Interview on Moody Radio (11 minutes) from Caleb Bislow on Vimeo.