Noah the Movie: True or False

Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. Genesis 6:9

It was interesting to watch how an atheist director interprets a Bible story.  There was a flood and a boat, but there was no real sense of connection between Noah and God. It was by far more Hollywood fiction than biblical truth, but at least people of all walks are dusting off their Bibles to see what the Bible really says.  Here is a list for those that are trying to sort the fact from fiction to help you keep it in perspective.

Noah was chosen by God only because  God knew that he would accomplish the task:
Genesis 6:9

A supernatural snake skin from the time of Adam was used to bless future generations: FALSE
*not in the Bible

God decided to wipe out the living creature of the world because they had became corrupt in his sight and full of violence: TRUE
Genesis 6:11-13

God’s voice was silent to Noah: FALSE
Genesis 6:14-22

Noah made a boat that was 450 feet long (300 cubits) x 75 feet wide (50 cubits) x 45 feet high (30 cubits): TRUE
Genesis 6:14-16

Fallen angels made out of rock (Nephilem) befriended Noah and helped him build the Ark:  FALSE
* not in Bible

Noah’s family sought after sorcery to assist them: FALSE
*not in the Bible

A murderous raider secretly stowed away on the ark: FALSE
*not in the Bible

Shem’s wife was barren: FALSE
*not in the Bible

Ham and Japheth did not have wives on the Ark: FALSE
Genesis 7:7

Noah contemplated killing his own grand children: FALSE
*not in the Bible

Water fell from the sky and bursts from the ground: TRUE
Genesis 7:11

The ark was raided when it began to rain: FALSE
*not in the Bible

Noah laid on the ground drunk and naked after the flood: TRUE Genesis 9:20-23

Ham left his father because Noah didn’t allow him to have a wife: FALSE
Genesis 9:24-27

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