Keystone Project Bullet Points

– All three maasai got visas and made it the USA
– Koisaba getting a visa was a miracle
– The maasai had everyone jumping/barking during Sunday worship services
– Great prayer time with Maasai in the Bush
– Powerful prayer time of breaking strongholds
– Maasai love Obama for one reason- he is Kenyan
– 3 year strategy pf reaching Maasailand through a multiplication process

– Baptism of the Holy Spirit defined
– Depending on a system vs depending on the Holy Spirit
– Make disciples to the 4th generation before releasing them
– A yotta-byte world is coming!
– Let your theology match your experience
– Jesus in you is more than enough to get the job done
– Vision is Revelation
– Reason has replaces revelation
– Islam could be dominant world religion by 2050 due to population trends
– If your church services were taken away what would you have left?
– Uncommitted people don’ have vision
– First generation disciples are key to launching movements
– Everything you do in ministry should point to making disciples
– The bigger your vision the smaller you are
– Attraction models may make consumers rather than disciples
– 2% of a nation can change a nation
– Don’t make a disciple wanted sign- call one you want out
– Find redemptive bridges in other cultures
– Plant churches by making disciples
– Priests need Kings- Kings need Priests
– Discover the lies of stronghold and shut the door with truth
– You are not a disciple until you have made a disciple
– Bottomline of many Bible Stories- God is a Missionary God
– Flesh gives birth to Flesh/ Spirit gives birth to Spirit
– There are personality, ministry, manifestation, and leadership spiritual gifts
– Pastor a community
– Give them something to die for

– Milton tricked rebels and fled for his life in Sierra Leone
– Milton was lead to Christ by Earl Riefel
– Charles planted 250 churches in 3 years
– God once moved so strong in Maasailand that the ground shook
– Maasai dry fast up to two weeks-biologically impossible
– Numerous individuals have spoken in native tongues when ministering
– Witch doctor took out bullets of a body w/o touching it
– Resurrections are happening today

– I am more of an apostle than evangelist
– Wrote up a possible reproducible strategy to change nations
– An opportunity arised to endeavor into a dark nation in September
– I need to intentionally look for “12 UNUSUAL SOLDIERS” to invest in
– Live like I have something to die for/Give people something to die for