Good to Go

Last night started out a horrible night as far as my throat goes. I thought that I was seriously going to drown in my own snot-sorry for the gross image. My sweet wife went and got me some new medicine to try out since everything else was failing. I soon took a cup full of medicine hoping that the pain would go away and Praise God it worked, it cleared me up in no time. The only problem was that I took it at night and I accidentally OD’ed. I was all of a sudden wired to the max, I think I actually became ADD to the third power. I don’t know what feeling high feels like, but I flying high. I later looked at the medicine that I took and it said take no more than 4 ounces in a day- I had just taken 6 ounces in a single swallow. That explained things. Well I didn’t get a great night sleep, but I think my body/voice should be ready for my speaking events.
  1. Alissa B 9 years ago

    Big Bro – just bite the bullet and go to the doctor. A few little pills or a quick shot will have you feeling better in no time. Besides I don’t want you to be the next Anna Nicole Smith and OD yourself into non-exsistence. That would make me sad,

  2. Jess 9 years ago

    Ohhh Boy, only you Biz! I’m glad to hear that you are ding better though. Have fun and take care!

  3. Anonymous 9 years ago

    I, Holly, did that with Nyquil in college; I thought if one dose was good, then three doses should knock it out of me! WRONG!! It just kept me awake and giddy the entire night. Shawn did one better; he threw the shot of Nyquil down so fast it came out his EYES!! Talk about the Incredible Hulk!! Good to always hear from you guys!

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