100 Reasons Why I am Fully Convinced that Christianity is True

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I felt challenged  to see if  I could make a list of 100 reasons why I am convinced that Christianity is true.  I was surprised when I actually had to cut reasons off the list.   If you dive into the list please note that I am not claiming to be a scholar, a historian, a scientist,  or an archeologist.  I’m just passing on some of the things that I have studied and experienced on my quest for truth.   If this list seems over simplified to you, then I reached my goal. I’m a keep-it-simple-guy.  I don’t think truth is something that is only reserved for the scholarly  elite, but rather something that should be understood and obtainable  by all walks of life.

Please note the following before diving in.

  •  If you notice some of these facts/quotes appear to be inaccurate or out of context please feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will do further research.
  • If you are a Christian and see this list as too simplistic then please leave a comment stating your best evidence of the faith.  
  • If you are a person from another religion or an atheist.  Please know that I am not trying to pick a fight.  I’m just shedding light on some reasons why I am convinced Christianity is true.  I’m sure that you do the same thing about your beliefs and I welcome your comments below.  
  • If you are seeking for truth or a Christian struggling with doubt then I pray this list will help you realize that following Christ is not a blind leap of faith.
  • If you are simply a hater.  Then I would recommend going to the mall next Christmas and asking Santa for a hug.

Here are the 100 reasons why I am personally fully convinced that Christianity is true:

  1. Design – The world has an overwhelming complex and intelligent design to it.  We currently live on the only known habitable planet. The rarity of us being alone is beyond human comprehension.  Science may find another habitable planet in the future…but that is not a faith breaker for me.  See video.
  2. Design – It’s amazing that the world is supplied with plants that need carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to survive and this produces oxygen that allows mankind to survive .
  3. Design – Our bodies have a design to them. We need food, which our bodies turn into the energy we need. We need water, so that we keep our bodies healthy and our blood flowing. We need oxygen because the rest of our systems wouldn’t operate at all without it. We have all three.
  4. Design – Seriously, can you think of one part of the human body that doesn’t have a purpose to it?  Surely, we would have something purposeless in us if we were here by chance.  Some have said that the appendix is useless, but science later discovered that it is a safe house for bacteria that plays a role in helping our immune system.
  5. Design/Mankind’s Uniqueness – The complex design of something as small as the human voice box  amazes me.  Talking is a unique human ability.   Humans can produce a  language that makes a range of sounds that we use to form hundreds of thousands of words. It once again sets us apart from other creatures, it proves that we are unique, and it points to a creator who wants His people to communicate with each other and Him.
  6. Design – It seems fairly obvious to me, that people were designed to be  attracted and fall in love with each other.  And that attraction leads to marriage which leads to sex which leads to children.  The whole process how attraction ultimately leads to reproduction seems like a grand design.
  7. Design – Numerous animals are designed with ways to camouflage or defend themselves in the wild.  I would find it hard to believe that animals bodies would gradually develop attributes to defend themselves with out  a designer behind them.
  8. Design -The design of  human DNA is still far more complex than any computer system and contains a very complex code that is still unexplainable by scientist.  See video.
  9. Science – Science is not an enemy of the Christian faith.  Infact, many scientists actually believe that the world was created by God.  For example, Dr. Raymond Ramadan,  inventor of the MRI machine, and Charles Townes, invented of the laser,  are both Christians who believe that science and Christianity can co exist. There is large amount of scientific evidence that actually supports the Bible and the Christian faith.  See video.
  10. Science – In Job 26:7 it states that the earth hangs upon nothing.  This discovery wasn’t affirmed by science until 1650.
  11. Science – The discovery that the  universe was expanding, convinced the Science world to agree with Christians that the universe actually did have a beginning.
  12. Science – The sun is the perfect distance from the earth.  If we were any closer the life-giving water would evaporate and we would  burn up.  Any farther away then everything would freeze. Here’s a video that gives you the facts.
  13. Science – In a debate, a world renown scientist recently admitted  that no one can fully explain how the first molecule in the world came into existence from nothing, but they are working on it.  In my opinion, to believe everything that we see came from nothing takes way more faith than believing that everything we see came from a creator.
  14. Science – Water doesn’t just disappear.  It comes down and slowly evaporates.  You would think that if there  was a worldwide flood that there would still be a great deal of water left on the earth.  Perhaps thats why 70% the earth is covered with water today.
  15. Science – Science still can not explain the human consciousness.  They don’t know where the moral code written on our hearts comes from.  If the evolution is true then there it seems to me that there would be no standard of right or wrong.
  16. Uniqueness of Mankind -Humans are clearly the most intelligent and most dominating creature on earth (as stated in Genesis).  It appears obvious that mankind has dominion and is not just another animal.
  17. Uniqueness of Mankind – Over centuries people have gazed up in the night’s sky and have felt an awe and an inner desire to praise a creator. If there is no God then why is that desire in us… and why isn’t it in animals.
  18. Uniqueness of Mankind – Most people recognize that they have an inner desire to be a spiritual person to some degree. That desire must come from somewhere.
  19. Uniqueness of the Bible – If design and evidence of creation is unsettling to you then begin to explore the validity of the Bible.  There is overwhelming  evidence that the best selling  book of all time – the Bible –  is more than a book.   
  20. Uniqueness of the Bible- The Bible is unique because there are over 300 prophecies about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection  in the Bible.  There is no other sacred writing that has perfectly predicted the future like it has.  See the prophecy section.
  21. Uniqueness of the Bible- The Bible is alive.  Something unexplainable stirs inside of people who read  the words of the Bible with an open heart.  Its amazing how an ancient book can be so alive and still relevant to us today.
  22. Uniqueness of the Bible – If the Bible was a big scam written by men to convince the world that there is a God, then I think they would have left out the parts that showed the weaknesses of their Biblical heroes.  The fact that the Bible shares  the good, bad, and ugly of its characters reveals to me that God was the divine author.
  23. Uniqueness of the Bible –  The Bible  continues to be the best selling book of all time.
  24. Uniqueness of the Bible – The Bible was written by 40 different authors, from a people of a variety of backgrounds, over 1,500 years, in three countries and in three languages,  however, the continuity of its themes, doctrine, and storyline do not contradict.  I’m not even sure three guys with the same job attending the same church could pull that off today.
  25. Uniqueness of the Bible – The Bible has been translated in more languages than any other book.
  26. Uniqueness of the Bible –  The Bible has survived the test of time and the threats to vanquish it.  Infact, the home of Voltaire (an influencer who sought to destroy all Bibles) was turned into to base for printing Bibles after he died.  Even the fact that people have made it their sole mission to destroy the Bible proves that there must be something extraordinary in its pages.
  27. Uniqueness of the Bible –  The table of nations (genealogy of mankind) according to archeologist and ProfessorAlbright remains an astonishingly accurate document. The Bible contains the ancestral records from Jesus all the way back to Adam giving us clarity onto to when time began.
  28. Uniqueness of the Bible – The redemptive mission and theme of Christ can be seen woven into every book of the Bible.
  29. Uniqueness of the Bible – There is something  magnetic about the Bible.  Any genuine seeker of truth would take time to thoroughly examine the Bible.
  30. Uniqueness of Jesus – It’s known to any educated historian that Jesus existed, he died on a cross, that his followers claimed to have seen him resurrected, and that his followers began sharing sharing gospel, and that this ignited a rapid movement that centered around death and resurrection of Christ.  29  different  accounts document the life of Jesus (outside of the Bible) and they were written in his time period.
  31. Uniqueness of Jesus – Some claim that the God of the Old Testament is  heartless and cruel. But if that were true then God would have never sent his son to live among us or die for us (John 3:16).  We may not always understand Him but we can trust that He is just, loving, and good.
  32. Uniqueness of Jesus – If there are many ways to Heaven then Jesus death on the cross for our sins would have been a pointless death.  He said he was that only way and I don’t think that he would have died if there were many ways?
  33. Uniqueness of Jesus – The statements that Jesus used in response to his critics seemed to be full of a wisdom beyond this world. It would be hard to believe that an ordinary human being could come up with such  quick- witted, eloquent, and profoundly convicting statements without a connection to God.
  34. Uniqueness of Jesus – We live in a generation that despises church but still has an attraction to Jesus.  After 2,000 years the person of Jesus still connects with all walks in life as a role model to the extent of youth confidently and sometimes mockingly wearing “Jesus is my homeboy” shirts.
  35. Uniqueness of Jesus – Why are the words “Jesus”, “Christ”, “God ….”, and “Holy ….” used so often as a curses when people get angry? If there was one a commandment given among the ten commandments that I would have thought of as potentially becoming irrelevant it would have been # 3 Don’t say the Lord’s name in vain.  We don’t curse any other religious leaders name.  No one says “Oh Buddha!” The fact that those words are actually said in vain today reveals to me that there is something sacred  and lasting about them.
  36. Uniqueness of Christianity – Christianity is the only “religion” that centers around a resurrected savior.   If you want to prove that Christianity is wrong then strive to prove there was no resurrection.  After 2,000 years there is still no compelling evidence that it didn’t happen.  Paul even throws down this challenge in 1 Corinthians 15:14.
  37. Prophecy – Psalm 22 predicted that the Messiah would die by crucifixion at least 300 years before the cross was invented…and that is how he died.
  38. Prophecy -Jeremiah 23:5,6 predicted that the Messiah would be a descendant of King David…and he was.
  39. Prophecy -Zechariah 11:12-13 predicted that the future Messiah would be betrayed by 30 pieces of silver…and he was by Judas.
  40. Prophecy -Isaiah 52, 53 predicted how the gruesome death of Christ would be and how he would ultimately resurrect (Isaiah 53:10)…and he did.
  41. Prophecy -The piercing of Jesus feet and the crushing of Satans head (Golgotha – place of the skull where the cross was placed) is even symbolically predicted in the first book of the Bible (Genesis 3:15). Visual Explanation.
  42. Prophecy -Micah 4:5 predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem…and he was.
  43. Prophecy -Isaiah 35:5-6 predicts that the Messiah would have a supernatural life and ministry…and he did.
  44. Prophecy -Isaiah 7:13-15 predicted that Jesus would be born from a virgin…and he was.
  45. Prophecy -This one takes a scholar, but Daniel 9:26-27 predicted the dates of Jesus’ death.  Once the math of the scripture is done it points to the fact that he would die before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.
  46. Prophecy -On May 15, 1948 Israel became a nation again  just like Isaiah 66:8 said it would.
  47. Prophecies – Matthew 24 explains what will take place before Jesus returns the second time.  It actually appears that many of those prophecies are coming true in our world right now.  Buckle up.
  48. Prophecy – The Old Testament continuously shares stories that resemble, parallel, and foreshadow the life of Christ long before he was born. Example: Abraham and Isaac.
  49. Prophecy – According to Chuck Missler there appears to be a  prophecy about Jesus in the  meanings of the names of Noah’s genealogy (Genesis) .  Here are the names next to their meanings:  Adam – Man, Seth – Appointed, Enosh – Mortal, Kenan – Sorrow, Mahalalel – The blessed God, Jared – Shall come down, Enoch – Teaching, Methuselah – His death shall bring, Lamech – Despairing, Noah – Comfort and rest.  When you put those meanings into a complete sentence you get: Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow, (but) the blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring (the) despairing comfort and rest.
  50. Prophecy – A vision in the book of Daniel predicted the Kingdoms that would follow it: Babylon (607 BC), Medo Persia (539 BC), Greece (331 BC), Rome (30 BC), Divided Kingdoms, and Christ’s Kingdom.
  51. Prophecy – The fact that the small nation of Israel is still continuously and globally in the headlines sheds light to the fact that there is something profound about that nation.
  52. History – The Bible stated that the earth was  a circular shape centuries before Columbus set sail. (Is 40:22)
  53. History – Without modern technology or being born into a highly esteemed family, Jesus sparked a worldwide movement with only 12 ordinary men in three years.  That people movement is the largest in history and today 1/3 of the world’s population is a part of it.
  54. History – Legends throughout India state that the biblical “doubting Thomas” became so convinced of his faith that he was the first one to risk spreading the gospel in their country.
  55. History – I find it amazing that the life of Christ was so profound that the majority of the world’s annual dating system was started at his time of his birth.
  56. History – Just for the record, BC stands for Before Christ and AD stands for Anno Domini which is Medieval Latin and it means “In the Year of Our Lord.”
  57. History – Human migration to North and South America was not really that long ago.  It seems evident that the population of mankind started near the Middle East and worked its way outward like the Bible says.
  58. History – If mankind has been here for millions of years then why have we had such rapid technology and industrial advances only in the past couple centuries.  It seems like that would make us very slow learners.  The genealogy of the Bible states that Adam and Eve would have existed around “6,000 BC”   which makes more sense to me in regards to where we are at on an intelligence level as a civilization.
  59. History – The population growth of the world is right on the money from the time of the flood to now.  I think our numbers would be a little higher if humans have been here millions of year.  Not to mention, I  think that we would still have some half-evolved creatures (human/ape) if evolution were true.
  60. History- There are 94 known language families in the world.  These languages have no relation to the other languages.  These 94 groups relate well to the story of Babel and the Table of Nations in the Bible.  If Babel never happened and we evolved then we would most likely be connected to one language family rather than multiple.
  61. History – Historical sources outside of the Bible record that 11 disciples of the 12 disciples were put to death for their belief in Christ and their eye witness testimonies of his resurrection.  Its hard to believe that they would die for a lie.
  62. History – Jesus’ existence is  a known fact to everyone.  The questions revolve more on who he was. Therefore, we can rest in assurance that he walked on this earth.
  63. History – Ancient historians have stated that Jesus was more than a man.  The historian Flavius Josephus writes  that Jesus was more than a wise man and a doer of wonderful works…He was [the] Christ. (The Antiquities of the Jews)
  64. History – Historian Cornelius Tacitus writes about the historical death of Jesus the Christ.
  65. History – Other  historical writers such as Pliny and Younger affirm the existence of Christ life and deeds.  So the life/death of Christ caught the attention of more people than just those that  wrote the Bible.
  66. History – Jonah and the whale sounds like a big fish story, but there have been a couple other documented cases where people have been swallowed by fish (whales) and survived.
  67. History – Jesus is historically known as a great morale teacher, however, he also claimed to be God and great morale teachers would never lie.
  68. History – The fact that Christianity went from 12 disciples in 30 AD to 25,000 people in 100 AD to an estimated 20 million in 310AD proves that it was more than a passing fad.  It went from being illegal to the centralized religion of the Roman empire in that time as well.
  69. History – No one has ever proved that there isn’t a God.
  70. Archeology- There are no archeological evidences that flat-out contradict the reliability of the Bible or its places.  Infact, its quite the opposite.
  71. Archeology- One archeologist, Sir William Ramsay,  sought to prove that the gospel of Luke was inaccurate, but became overwhelmed with evidence supporting the gospel of Luke and became a Christian.
  72. Archeology- The Moabite Stone was discovered in 1868 near the Dead Sea mentions the terms “Israel,” “Yahweh” and the “House of David.” This puts to rest the skeptics beliefs that David never existed.
  73. Archeology- Many claimed there was no evidence of the  Hittite empire that is recorded in the Bible, but proof of  Hittite Empire was discovered in 1906 by archeologist Hugo Winckler.
  74. Archeology- In the 1950s archeologists found evidence that Jericho’s walls had fallen wall and that the city had been burnt. More here.
  75. Archeology- Some claimed there was no evidence of the biblical city Ophir (Kings 9:28).  However, an archeological discovery of a piece of pottery in 1956 proved that the biblical city of Ophir once existed.
  76. Archeology- Hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt describe a man they called Imhotep who sought God and saved his family from famine.  His story parallels with the story of Joseph in the Bible.  More here.
  77. Archeology/History- Many claimed there was no evidence of early manuscripts of scripture, however, a piece of the gospel of John was found in 125AD in southern Egypt proving that accuracy of God’s word.
  78. Archeology- Many claimed that scripture has been recopied so many years  that its message has become distorted, however the Dead Sea scrolls that were found in a cave 1948 contained nearly 800 manuscripts of every Old Testament book (except Esther).  These texts were nearly 1000 years older than the current oldest texts known at that time and these scrolls validated the accuracy of scriptures passed down throughout history.
  79. Archeology- Many claimed that outside of the Bible that there was no evidence of the mysterious Horite group.  However, the region of the Horites was discovered in in 1995 beneath the modern Syrian City of Tell Mozan.
  80. Archeology- Many claimed there was no evidence of King Sargon’s actual existence, but there was an archeological discovery of King Sargon of Assyria’s existence in 1843 (Isaiah 20:1)
  81. Archeology- There are numerous great archeological discoveries that shed light on the historical accuracy of scripture.  Here are a few more:  Pontius Pilate’s Inscription, Pool of Siloam excavated, a bone chest  with the name “Ciaphas Ossuary”,  and the Ketef Hinnom Amulets.
  82. Archeology- History claimed that Nabonidus was the last ruler of Babylon and that the Bible’s account stating that it was King Belshazzar was wrong.   However, a documented discovery was made that determined that King Belshazzar actually was the final ruler.
  83. Archeology- Many debate that Moses could have miraculously crossed the Red Sea, however ancient chariot wheels have been discovered in the sea where Moses is believed to have crossed .
  84. Archeology- Many mock the idea of a worldwide flood, but the story of eight people surviving a worldwide flood can be found in the ancient folklore of many  religions. Fish bones have also been found on the tops mountains.  Not to mention, that the flood story is also found in the Chinese character for the word Boat – which is amazing because Chinese is one of the oldest written languages.
  85. Changed Lives – I recently heard that an atheist detective came to Christ after reading the four gospels, because he realized how they really read like the actual eye witness reports that he dealt with on a day to day to basis.
  86. Experience – I met a Muslim man from Africa who came to Christ through an audible voice from Heaven when He was working in a field.
  87. Experience – I have seen broken lives restored, renewed, and refreshed  through people who have given their lives to  Christ.
  88. Experience – I have had visions and seen them come true…and yes that does freak me out a bit, but it has unquestionably deepened my faith.
  89. Experience – I have seen God use the most unlikely of people to do great things through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Something similar to what we read about in the Bible (Acts).
  90. Supernatural – God is revealing Himself to some people through supernatural means.  Nearly 70% of people in Islam who come to faith in Christ do so because of a dream or a vision they received about Christ
  91. Miracles – My wife and I have both experienced instant healing when we were prayed for.
  92. Miracles – Miracles still do happen when God decides to move.  There was a recent story from a reliable source that God moved so powerfully that a man’s eye was completely restored in Haiti.
  93. Miracles – One of my friends in India  spoke english for the first time supernaturally (instantly) at an event when his english-speaking translator failed to show up.  Believe it or not.
  94. Miracles – I also know a woman  in India who got ill and died (totally stopped breathing) but her husband refused to send her body away to have her body burned.  Three days later Christians came to her home and prayed over her dead body and she began to breathe again and professed Christ as Lord rather than the Hinduism she had been following prior.
  95. Miracles – I have prayed for strangers on my travels who have later found me on Facebook to tell me that they were healed.
  96. Changed Lives – Pilate may have sentenced Christ to die, but there was something that moved Pilate so strongly that he made the extra effort to make sure that a sign was placed above Jesus’ head on the cross that labeled him the “King of the Jews.”
  97. Changed Lives – Many people contemplate the most important things in life just before they die.  It usually doesn’t take long for the word “God” to come up in the conversation.  It’s strange that even many atheists will make mention of God.
  98. Changed Lives – When a person genuinely worships Christ with a clean heart there is often a peace that comes upon a them that is unmatchable.  It’s as if that’s what we were created to do.
  99. Changed Lives  – Repentance of sin is almost a dirty word in our culture today.  However,  I am amazed at how freeing and life-giving it is for a person who genuinely confesses their sin to God and commits their life to him.  No wonder Jesus called it being born again.
  100. Purpose – Mankind is constantly crying out, “Why am I here?”  This became evident with the success of the book:  Purpose Driven Life. People from all faiths were reading it and discovering that  following Christ gives a person  what their hearts are ultimately looking for: a reason to live.
  101. Peace –  I have found great fulfillment in being a Christian.  I don’t struggle with that “something is missing” in my life.
  102.  Facing Objections – Some think that if God really existed then he would reveal himself.  But lets not forget that He did reveal himself  through his son Jesus and we ended up nailing him to a cross.
  103. Facing Objections – God doesn’t need to continuously answer every prayer and do miracles to prove his existence to me.  Imagine if God did a miracle every time He was asked.  The world would become one twisted and warped Disneyland of people’s selfish desires coming true and continuous odd events.  Not to mention that people would most likely love the miracles more than God.
  104. Facing Objections – The fact that there are many hypocritical Christians is often a reason many bail on the church.  However,   we have to remember that Christianity is about following Jesus not being a part of a club. One man’s bad example doesn’t mean that Christianity is not true.  
  105. Today –  Jesus predicted that  people’s hearts would grow cold in the last days (Matthew 24).  Most  of Europe has bailed on the Christian faith and the US seems to be following suit.  Jesus states that Christians will be hated and persecuted.   Sadly this tension is becoming more and more evident,  however it is also evidence of a prophecy being fulfilled. Buckle up, guard your heart, and stay strong because tough days are ahead.

May those that are seeking truth find it and stand firm. This is probably the longest blog entry that I will  ever write.  I will continue to fine-tune it as time allows.   Feel free to leave a comment why you are FULLY CONVINCED of the truth you have found.

For more evidence from ministries go to: www.answersingenesis.org/answers/

  1. April 2 years ago

    #13 male nipples

    • Andrew 1 year ago

      Nipples develop before gender does in the womb

  2. Destiny Eldred 2 years ago

    Great, interesting, cool post!

  3. Tristan E. 2 years ago

    I have been a Pentacostal and devout follower of Jesus for 46 years, but this list surprisingly brought me up short. While I always felt Jesus in my heart, I didn’t really think about the factual backing for my faith. It seemed unimportant, but something I could rely on, if I needed to.

    So, this list had created a bit of a crisis of faith for me. I started looking up sources for each of the items, to expand my own knowledge and backstop what I believe, but just having done so through #27, I have come to the realization that the list is full of out-of-context quotes and surprisingly effective arguments against my Christian beliefs.

    I am stunned. For years, I have heard variations on some of these points, but assumed they were the whole truth and inarguable, but having them all in one place where I could go back and forth between them and Google & Wikipedia has exposed me to the uncomfortable realization that we are going around repeating quotes taken out of context (like the Darwin quote) or choosing to repeat obvious hogwash (“missing eye replaced”).

    I’m a little bit embarrassed and unsure how to proceed. I feel Jesus touch my heart all the time, I love my church, and my wife and I met through Young Life in a way that felt ordained. But, this list is so easily refuted that I am thinking about talking to my wife about it–and whether we should consider moving on, to a Universalist church.

    • Mykola 2 years ago

      Dude I’m a Christian, but a lot of your answers are very ignorant. Very, ignorant.

    • Scott Christopher Cox 1 year ago

      Go check out the Mormon Church. If you can believe in God, you can believe in the Restored Gospel.

      Also literally everything on this list is completely wrong or just incredibly stupid.

  4. Atheist 2 years ago

    So many of these are easily refuted…I’ll do a few. Can respond to more if asked and I remember to come back here (unlikely lol)

    #3: Quote mining at its finest. See the full quote and its actual meaning here http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Notable_Charles_Darwin_misquotes

    #9, many others: Yes, earth supports life. If it didn’t support life, we couldn’t talk about how lucky we are that the planet we’re on supports life. There’s a huge statistical bias here, and it’s called the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropic_principle

    #13, others: You attribute a lot to creation that also makes sense in an evolutionary worldview. Everything (or almost everything) in the human body has a use…because variants that didn’t that would be inefficient and would have been less likely to pass on their genes, and after time would die out

    #20: Heard of schizophrenia?

    #22-34, etc: Yes, there are prophecies in the bible. In most cases, what is our source for saying that they came true? The bible. Circular reasoning that is only true if we assume the bible is true in the first place (hint: lots of it isn’t)

    #35: Certainly couldn’t have had anything to do with, say, being made the Roman empire’s state religion, and all of the conquering and spreading people did

    #57, others: When you are prayed for, you sometimes feel better. This is the placebo affect, or luck. When you are prayed for, sometimes nothing happens. You will remember the times it works and forget the times it doesn’t- confirmation bias

    #89: You can’t prove that there isn’t a deist god, that set things up and left forever. There’s no reason to postulate a vague god like this- there is no predictive power or importance of any kind. However, there are many aspects of the Christian god that make him incredibly unlikely to exist. Also, you can’t prove that the Flying Spaghetti monster isn’t real, so he’s clearly real. Duh.

    • Irritated 1 year ago

      Schizophrenia? What even….So basically, you’re saying that everyone who felt the touch of God on their heart has schizophrenia?

      Wow, I never knew it was that common. (note: sarcasm)

      Placebo effect and luck, huh? I once met a girl who had seen someone’s freaking thumb grow back over a span of a few seconds.

      “But she could have been lying,” said Atheist.

      She was about ten years old. I highly doubt that she would lie in an attempt to prove Christianity correct.

      “Okay, so you’re lying,” said Atheist.

      I really don’t get what the point of me lying to prove Christianity would be. Do you think I would simply grasp at every opportunity to pull someone over to my side on entirely erroneous information? I won’t go to such lengths to convert people, because I would know that if they had all of the necessary facts, they would not be Christian.

      Long story short: a woman grew her thumb back and I’m not lying.

      • Rofl 1 year ago

        did you seriously just ask why a 10 year old would lie? 10 year olds lie all the time… Kids are attention whores, and making up stories to increase attention is something kids learn at a very young age

    • hyperion 1 year ago

      There are others to such as 56 and 61. Most modern scientists and historians use CE and BCE. Before common era and common era. In 61 a recent expedition done by people with degrees in religious studies, showed that only about 18 percent of what Jesus said in the bible he really said. I could see how they could be wrong if the number was something like 80 percent but at least 50 percent of what Jesus said in the bible must be wrong.

  5. Bob 2 years ago

    I have to agree with Tristan E. I’m a Christian, also a scientist. I’m about 3 months away from graduating medical school and have to say that the majority of this list is just way too simplistic. Besides the fact that you used the same basic argument of the complexity of the human body in a bunch of different ways, you talk about attraction and sex and reproduction as if other species don’t experience the same thing. What do you have to say about monogamous species of animals?

    I’m not going to go through all of the reasons I think this list is pointless, but will sum it up by saying this seems more like a bunch of unfounded personal conclusions based on quotes out of context, a lack of scientific knowledge or understanding, and your own personal interpretations or conclusions about the Bible. A lot of your “I believe this because of x” statements don’t really have any dependent relationships. And saying things like nobody debates the existence of Jesus is pointless and doesn’t in itself help prove the Truth in Christianity…the prophet Mohammed was also a real person, Joseph Smith was a real person, Guatama Buddha was a real person, etc. but all of these religions based on the teachings of these people aren’t Truth just because they existed.

    It’s great that you have faith and find beauty and are inspired by things like the complexity of the human body; I have the same awe as I deal with patients on a daily basis. But it shouldn’t be used as your basis for saying that Christianity is real because anyone serious about picking apart our faith will absolutely tear this list apart.

    I recommend “What’s So Great About Christianity?” as a good book to help develop a stronger defense for your faith.

  6. drew easley 2 years ago

    Im a christian and proud to say it. But cmon, I looked up genesis 3:15 to see what it says about thw piercing of the feet and crushing of Satan’s skull. That chapter itself only talks about the fall of man. That would be the first verse I looked up and its wrong.

    • Ilona R. 1 year ago

      “And i will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your hear and you will strike his heal”. “[You] will strike his heal” refers to the piercing of the feet.

  7. Christian Ball 2 years ago

    Look at all you hating on this… #100 basically states his followers will be hated… and mostly ALL of you are proving that point.

  8. Dustin 2 years ago

    I’m an Athiest, just thought I would read up on as much as I possibly can because it’s humorous how stupid people are. I got to #3 and just decided to stop because the writer is a moron. “The circle of the earth.” If the bible claimed the earth was round, then why did Christians persecute people who claimed it wasn’t? Also…..It’s not a circle, it’s a sphere.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      You’re a moron to not read it all. This man(or woman) has spent much of their time making this list. Why do you stop at #3? Just read it all. You seem very, very ignorant. Anyway, their list is a great one, probably better than what I could’ve done. God is the true Creator and Author of all in the universe, and if you can’t accept that, please don’t accept evolution. That’s just stupid. Why would you believe this atheistic garbage when you gain nothing from it? According to atheists, you just die and rot in the ground. No more. But if you’re a Christian, and it’s true (which it is), then you get to spend eternity with your Savior, Christ Jesus. The oldest and best-selling book ever is here, people. It’s called the Bible and it’s a wonderful book full of true stories. Jesus died for us humans. Why do we just reject His teaching and love? Come on, people. Find some real truth. I do not want anyone to die and go to Hell. I want to help you all. Please, at least look into Jesus some before you just blindly reject him. The Bible says,”If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.” I believe thats true. I want to make another Great Awakening. One to open the eyes of all non-Christians and let them have an opportunity to profess Christianity and Jesus. Please, please look before you blindly reject. That’s what I want to say to all evolutionists and other non-Christians.

    • Jones 1 year ago

      Why must every atheist announce at every opportunity that they are an atheist, why they are an atheist, and what they think of Christians? I can’t wait until they start going door to door to hand out tracts saying how much they hate Christians going door to door handing out tracts…

      …but back to the matter at hand: Go buy a Lego set. Make it the biggest one you can afford, say the size of the Lego Deathstar. Now don’t take it out of the box and look at the instructions to build it, just start shaking the box until the shaking randomly puts every piece together correctly. This is what the Big Bang theory and evolution espouses…except there are no Legos in the box…and no box…and no one to shake it…and the no one is there must assemble untold trillions of pieces that aren’t there, not a couple thousand…

      • Ricky 1 year ago

        Was there any point in your narrow minded and attacking post that you though…..”hey maybe it is not just one or the other. that maybe juuuuuuust maybe neither has it right.” of course you didn’t. that is why you’re a clueless as you are.

      • Benjamin 1 year ago

        No one to shake it…
        Where did God come from?
        Did He come from The Divine Box Of Legos?
        Did He construct Himself?

      • Robert Oliver 1 year ago

        On the contrary, most atheists do not care to tell everyone that they are atheist. In fact, atheism is a word that really should not exist. No atheist is going to be handing out tracts about their non-belief, I can promise you that. However, why do many Christians feel the need to tell people that they are Christian? Street evangelism, cold calling, TV shows, etc. Christians are the ones shoving religion down everyone’s throat.

        Your Lego set analogy is pretty flawed. It has also be publicly refuted numerous times. The idea is that a universe as complex as ours needs a creator. Well, a creator so complex as to create our universe would also need a creator just as, or more complex than himself. This raises the question of who designed the designer? And if you say that God is eternal and never had a beginning, than this is fallacy of special pleading. This particular case of special pleading says that everything needs a beginning except for God.

        You also claim that there is no box, and no Legos, and no one to shake the box. Just because we do not know what was before the Big Bang does not mean that we can make meaningless assumptions. The Big Bang is simply the result of the universe’s creation. Moreover, no one knows how the universe started. However, there is no reason to assume that a universe wouldn’t begin to exist. After all, what about “nothingness” was stopping the universe from existing? Stephen Hawking has talked about certain multi-verse theories claiming that a universe can and will create itself out of nothing, due to gravity. Despite that multi-verse theory, Hawking has also stated that it is possible for a universe to begin existing without the aid a separate universe.


        http://bigthink.com/dr-kakus-universe/can-a-universe-create-itself-out-of-nothing -This article explains it.

        I hope that you read up on the Big Bang before you start making erroneous assumptions about it and the beginning of the universe. Additionally, evolution has nothing to do with shaking Legos in a box. Evolution by natural selection, in fact, is highly complex.

    • John 1 year ago

      It’s actually not a sphere it’s sphere like but not a sphere

    • Abbie 7 months ago

      Here’s the thing, just because someone calls themselves a Christian” doesn’t mean they know Jesus, at all. A lot of history’s most horrible acts were done by Christians. So-called followers, anyway.

  9. Jasmine 1 year ago

    I am a struggling christian trying to find my path to faith. I found this page and read all 104 reasons and I support all. I cannot explain how thankful I am for finding this article. I definetly feel closer to God because of this article. God bless<3

  10. ed 1 year ago

    this would make a good prison planet. just add an evil god and reincarnation.

  11. Rick 1 year ago

    I don’t mean to be rude but this is really stupid. I can give you so many reasons why this is wrong. Religion is a load of shit. Believe in god all you want, but not the bible and not church. Start thinking logically please. If you need someone to explain it, feel free to contact me.

  12. Ricky 1 year ago

    I got through 1 before I realized you would only use conjecture to support your belief. But hey believe what you’d like to, it’s your life. I’ll go back to being an Illuminist 🙂

  13. G 1 year ago

    I found a couple of errors in your list.
    1. Error in list number 1. There are multiple habitable planets known to man. Here are some:
    Some were even found in the last few weeks by NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft.
    2. Error in list number 4. There are 7 main body parts that have been found to be somewhat useless:
    3. Error in list number 6. People are not the only animals that have attraction between one another. All animals have some sort of attraction/sex drive.
    4. Error in list number 17, 18, and 21. People naturally have religious experiences due to the science of ones brain:
    5. Error in list number 24. The bible contradicts with itself many times: http://www.christianitydisproved.com/bible.html
    6. Error in list number 27. The bible is an extraordinarily inaccurate document. See link above.
    7. Error in list number 31. ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’” (1 Samuel 15:3)

    I will continue later. I am not trying to attack you, I am only responding to your earlier statement of “If you notice some of these facts/quotes appear to be inaccurate or out of context please feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will do further research.” Have a nice day, and thank you for taking the time to read my unfinished list.

    • G 1 year ago

      I do not want to attack anyone of the Christian faith, or disprove Christianity in any way, I am only trying to make the logic of your argument more sound. That way it can be more convincing for your purposes. I just wanted to clarify! 🙂 Have a nice day!

    • Profile photo of CRAZY BLOOD
      CRAZY BLOOD 1 year ago

      I appreciate you attitude. I’ll look into these when I have more time.

    • Jac 1 year ago

      your christianitydisproved.com website does not exist…not when I tried to click on it anyway. And just because abcnews doesn’t know why certain body parts are there doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose.

      • gary 1 year ago

        If you want to read what skeptics have to say about the lack of evidence for the Christian claims, I suggest these websites:

        Bart Ehrman’s blog

  14. Deb 1 year ago

    Thank you for this list. I was on the verge of walking away from my faith and your list has brought me back.

  15. Mordicus 1 year ago

    In regards to your first few points about design. You asked to come up with useless features in our body. A perfect example would be vestigial features, such as the ability to move your ears up and down a few millimeters. Vestigial features are basically defined as features that are left from our past evolutionary forms. So wiggling your ears is from times where our evolutionary ancestors could move thier ears to hear better in survival situations, or goosebumps which stood hair up when scared similar to a cat when frightened. There are even vestigial characteristics in DNA, fetus development and so on. We have quite a bit of useless characteristics in our body.

    • Jac 1 year ago

      our ears still move towards the sound..so the movement of ears is still being used.

  16. Johnny Nogod 1 year ago

    Here are the facts:
    Enjoy having your religious anuses torn apart. Don’t go crying to your fake god.
    Quick point: hitler, after killing millions, repented his sins right before he committed suicide. He is going to heaven! But Bill Gates, an atheist, has donated over $27,000,000,000 towards global health, development, and education . He is going to hell. How does that make any sense?!

    • Jac 1 year ago

      It is up to no human to decide who goes to heaven or hell. And I didn’t read your entire website but it’s from an proclaiming atheist’s point of view who worked for the US government and was a Catholic! An alarming number of government officials worship Satan (skull & bones, illuminati, free masons, the midsummer bohemian festival, etc) and Catholicism also creepily symbolizes satanism.

      • gary 1 year ago

        Yes, that’s right. All Catholics are going to hell. God will only same the evangelicals because they believed correctly. Eternal salvation has nothing to do with being a kind, compassionate, giving human being. It is all based on having the correct beliefs.

        Sounds like a human mind control game to me.

        • gary 1 year ago

          God will only “save”… not “same”.


    • Ryan (Catfan67) 12 months ago

      I wouldn’t say those are facts, and I believe in the very real God. I hope you will sometime agree. BTW, the “controversy” is not very controversial; your earthly actions will matter minimally, but it is whether you believe in the one true God and devote yourself to him that determines whether you will indeed go to heaven.

      P.S. Microsoft is now slightly more deprecated to me. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure.

  17. Michele 1 year ago

    I looked up your blog because today Pastor Stan at Colonial Woods was describing your passion for bringing the Good News to folks, and he is sure a fan of your mission.
    P.s. Dewey or (Paul) also finds your mission noteworthy

  18. Noah 1 year ago

    I just want to say if you think the bible is bs why is it still relevant in today’s world. Please anyone who thinks the bible is false, or belives god dosen’t exist, please show me evidence that supports your theroy. I am proudly Christian but frown upon those who scream all non Christians are going to hell. I believe that anyone who accepts Jesus as they’re lord and saviour, knows he died on the cross, and rose again three days later, no matter their religion. I struggle with the fact that the world came from nothing but we have such complicated items such as DNA. Also, if you have ever read the bible, something stirs in my soul that simply cannot be explained. I truly hope everyone has a great day/night and wish you all the best.

    • gary 1 year ago

      “I am proudly Christian but frown upon those who scream all non Christians are going to hell. I believe that anyone who accepts Jesus as they’re lord and saviour, knows he died on the cross, and rose again three days later, no matter their religion.”

      I frown on Muslims who scream that all non-Muslims are going to hell. I believe that anyone who believes that Mohammad received the Holy Koran from the angel Gabriel and that Allah is the one, true God will be saved…not matter what their religion.


  19. gary 1 year ago

    I am a former Christian. I loved being a Christian. I loved Jesus and I loved the Bible. I used the same above arguments to witness to non-believers and to defend my belief in (the Christian) God and orthodox/conservative Christianity. Then one day someone challenged me to take a good, hard look at the foundation of my beliefs: the Bible. I was stunned by what I discovered.

    1. The Bible is not inerrant. It contains many, many errors, contradictions, and deliberate alterations and additions by the scribes who copied it. The originals are lost, therefore we have no idea what “God” originally” said. Yes, Christians can give “harmonizations” for every alleged error and contradiction, but so can the Muslims for errors in the Koran and Mormons for errors in the Book of Mormon. One can harmonize anything if you allow for the supernatural.

    2. How do we know that the New Testament is the Word of God? Did Jesus leave a list? Did the Apostles? Paul? The answer is no. The books of the New Testament were added to the canon over several hundred years. Second Peter was not officially accepted into the canon until almost the FIFTH century! So why do all Christians accept every book of the New Testament as the word of God and every non-canonical “gospel” as not the Word of God? Answer: the ancient (catholic) Church voted these books into your Bible. There is nowhere in the OT or the NT where God gives men the authority to determine what is and what is not his Word. If Second Peter was really God’s Word, the entire Church should have known so in the first century.

    3. Who wrote the Gospels? We have NO idea! The belief that they were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is based on hearsay and assumptions—catholic tradition. Protestants denounce most of the traditions of the Catholic Church but have retained two of the most blatant, evidence-lacking traditions, which have no basis in historical fact or in the Bible: the canon of the NT and the authorship of the Gospels.

    The only shred of evidence that Christians used to support the traditional authorship of the Gospels is one brief statement by a guy named Papias in 130 AD that someone told him that John Mark had written a gospel. That’s it! Papias did not even identify this “gospel”. Yet in 180 AD, Irenaeus, a bishop in FRANCE, declares to the world that the apostles Matthew and John and the associates of Peter and Paul—Mark and Luke—wrote the Gospels. But Irenaeus gives ZERO evidence for his assignment of authorship of these four books. It is well known to historians that it was a common practice at that time for anonymously written books to be ascribed to famous people to give them more authority. For all we know, this is what Irenaeus did in the case of the Gospels.

    The Christian faith is built on the bodily Resurrection of Jesus. If the story of the Resurrection comes from four anonymous books, three of which borrow heavily from the first, often word for word, how do we know that the unheard of, fantastically supernatural, re-animation of a first century dead man actually happened?

    Maybe the first book, “Mark”, was written for the same purpose that most books were written in that time period—for the benefit of one wealthy benefactor, and maybe it was written simply as an historical novel, like Homer’s Iliad, not meant to be 100% factual in every detail, but a mix of true historical events as a background, about a real messiah pretender in Palestine, Jesus, but with myth and fiction added to embellish the story and help sell the book! We just do not know for what purpose these books were written.

    There is zero verifiable evidence for the Resurrection, and, the Bible is not a reliable document. After four months of desperate attempts to save my faith, I came to the sad conclusion that my faith was based on an ancient superstition; a superstition not based on lies, but based on the sincere but false beliefs of uneducated, superstitious, first century peasants.

    • Ryan (Catfan67) 12 months ago

      I hope you can leave behind your doubts and come back to the one God who loves you and is true.

  20. Linda 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, this world is full of haters. Haters who thrive on tearing other people down and atheists thrive on tearing down Christianity. They’ve been trying for countless years but Christianity and the Bible are still here and ALWAYS will be. Only a fool would believe that the miraculous, perfect creation of our world and of human beings was not done by our Almighty God. You really should just stay off of these websites because your negativity is a waste of time. A true, believing Christians faith cannot rocked by your hatred. Keep your atheism to yourself. I hope your beliefs that you’re just going to die and rot into nothingness comforts you on your death bed.

    • gary 1 year ago

      I’ll make you a deal: I will keep my “atheism” to myself when you keep your ancient, middle-eastern superstitions to yourself and stop trying to impose them on the rest of society.

  21. Linda 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, this world is full of haters. Haters who thrive on tearing other people down and atheists thrive on tearing down Christianity. They’ve been trying for countless years but Christianity and the Bible are still here and ALWAYS will be. Only a fool would believe that the miraculous, perfect creation of our world and of human beings was not done by our Almighty God. You really should just stay off of these websites because your negativity is a waste of time. A true, believing Christians’ faith cannot be rocked by your hatred. Keep your atheism to yourself. I hope your beliefs that you’re “just going to die and rot into nothingness” comforts you on your death bed.

  22. Michael Runyan 1 year ago

    Just wondering, did you do this to counter my website?

    • gary 1 year ago

      I left this message not due to a hatred for Christians, but due to my sincere desire to dispel a deadly superstition. I hope that you would agree that it is a good thing to dispel superstitions, especially superstitions which have caused so much discrimination, persecution, and the deaths of millions of people.

      • gary 1 year ago

        I thought it would be interesting to look at the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus from the Christian stand point, excluding, however, baseless assumptions. Also, when I say “Christian”, I am referring to orthodox Christians and conservative evangelical Christians. I am excluding fundamentalists in this discussion because fundamentalist views are so extreme that it would be hopeless to try and reconcile them with the actual evidence. Some fundamentalists would probably believe that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John sat down and wrote their gospels within ten minutes of the Ascension.

        A. The Gospel of Mark

        So, let’s start with the first gospel written, as almost all scholars agree: the gospel of Mark. Most scholars believe that it was written sometime between 65-75 AD. So let’s accept an earlier date for the writing of this gospel: mid 60’s, prior to the destruction of Jerusalem.

        1. Who wrote Mark: the gospel itself does not tell us. No clear assignment of authorship is given until Irenaeus in the late second century. Yes, Papias in the early second century mentions that someone told him that John Mark had written a gospel, but Papias does not identify the gospel.

        2. Where was Mark written? We don’t know. Most scholars do not believe that Mark was written in Palestine, but let’s just say that it was. So the gospel is written 30-35 years after Jesus’ death in 30-33 AD. Historians tell us that the average life span of people in the first century was age 45. How many people would still be alive in 65 AD who had been old enough to witness the crucifixion of Jesus? If you were fifteen in the year 30 AD, you would now be fifty in 65 AD, above the average first century life span. And I would bet that even most fundamentalist Christians would believe that the disciples were older than fifteen at the time of the crucifixion. So let’s say that the disciples of Jesus were between twenty and thirty years old in 30 AD. That would make them fifty-five to sixty-five years old in 65 AD, if they were still alive! We have no proof that any of the disciples were still alive in 65 AD.

        3. Even if Mark were written in Palestine, 30 years after the death of Jesus, and there were still people alive who witnessed the resurrection, how soon was the gospel put into public circulation? Maybe the author wrote it for just one wealthy benefactor. Maybe he wrote it just for his small group of Christians, none of whom were old enough to remember the crucifixion. Maybe the gospel was not put into public circulation until after 70 AD. If true, the entire city of Jerusalem has been destroyed, most of its inhabitants are dead or carried off. If there had been a tomb of Jesus, who would now be alive to point out where it was. Remember, all this is assuming that the gospel was written in Palestine or at least circulated in Palestine in the 60’s or 70’s. For all we know, the gospel of Mark was written in Rome and copies of it did not arrive in Palestine until after 100 AD or later! Who would still be alive to say, “Hey, that’s not what happened!”?

        4. Jesus predicted the destruction of the Temple.

        Even if Jesus did prophesy/predict the destruction of the Temple, is this proof that he is God? If someone living in Europe in the mid 1930’s had predicted that Europe would be devastated by a second world war, that Germany would lose, and that Germany would be partitioned as punishment for starting the war, would we believe that this person was God? Just because someone predicts something that comes true is not proof that they are divine.

        5. Was the author of Mark an eyewitness to the Resurrection?

        The author of Mark never claims to be an eyewitness. He even writes in the third person. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the author was not an eyewitness but to say he was is simply a guess.

        B. The Gospel of Matthew

        1. Who wrote Matthew? The author does not tell us. The assignment of the apostle Matthew as author of this gospel is not mentioned until the late second century by Irenaeus.

        2. Most scholars believe that Matthew was written after Mark and that one can find 70% of the content of Mark within Matthew, often word for word.

        3. Where was Matthew written? We have no idea. Again, for all we know, it could have been written in a foreign country, far away from any eyewitnesses to the crucifixion. We have no idea when it was first circulated in Palestine for any elderly eyewitness to say, “Hey. That isn’t what happened!”

        4. Was Matthew an eyewitness to the Resurrection?

        The author of Matthew never claims to be an eyewitness. He writes in the third person. Again, not proof that he was not an eyewitness but to say he was is no better than a guess. The author of Matthew could simply have been writing a story he had heard third, fourth, or twentieth hand.

        C. The Gospel of Luke

        1. Who wrote Luke? The author of Luke does not say. No clear assignment of authorship of this gospel is given until the late second century by Ireneaus.

        2. Where was Luke written? We have no idea.

        3. The author of the Gospel of Luke also borrows heavily from the Gospel of Mark. Approximately 50-55% of the content of Mark can be found in Luke, frequently, word of word.

        4. Was the author of Luke an eyewitness?

        Luke very clearly states in the first few verses of chapter one that he is not an eyewitness. He states that he carefully investigated the writings of others (Mark and “Q”?) which he didn’t seem to find satisfactory, and that his sources had given him eyewitnesses testimony. However, he does not identify his sources. Were his sources eyewitnesses themselves or were his sources associates of eyewitnesses giving him “eyewitness” testimony from their source or sources, which would make Luke’s information, at best, second hand information.

        D. The Gospel of John

        Many conservative Christians believe that the author of John infers that he is John, the son of Zebedee, by using the term “the beloved disciple”. I personally (and many scholars) do not think that the author of John is referring to himself as the beloved disciple but is claiming to be recounting the story of the beloved disciple. But let’s assume that the author of the Gospel of John does claim to be John, the beloved disciple. What evidence do we have to determine if his claim is true? Do we have any contemporary Christian or non-Christian testimony that states that John, the son of Zebedee, wrote the Gospel of John? No. We do not. The assignment of authorship of this gospel is not made until the end of the second century, again, by Ireneaus. Papias makes no mention of this gospel.

        So just because someone claimed to be John, the beloved disciple, recounting an eyewitness account of the life, death, and supernatural resurrection of Jesus, should we take him at his word?? Many, many “gospels” were floating around the Mediterranean world in the late first and second centuries. The non-canonical Gospel of Peter may have been written even earlier than Mark! Yet, no one, including fundamentalists, believes that the apostle Peter wrote the Gospel of Peter. So, how do we know that the author of the Gospel of John, if he really was claiming to be John, was really John, the beloved disciple, son of Zebedee?? The fact is, that we have no more evidence that John wrote the Gospel of John than we do that Peter wrote the Gospel of Peter, other than Irenaeus’ declaration in 180 AD, in France, one hundred and fifty years after the crucifixion, that the four gospels we have today were written by the persons that he asserts, based upon evidence, that he never gives!

        E. What Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus do we have so far?

        We have four first century books describing the alleged facts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but only one, (maybe), claims to be an eyewitness testimony.

        Dozens of Romans senators claimed that the first Roman king, Romulus, was snatched up into heaven right in front of their eyes…but no Christian believes this eyewitness testimony.

        Thirteen men living in the early nineteenth century signed legal affidavits, swearing under oath, that they personally had seen the Golden Tablets delivered to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni with their own two eyes, and three of these men signed affidavits that they had seen the angel Moroni himself with their own two eyes…but yet no Christian believes this eyewitness testimony.

        Thousands upon thousands of devout, pious Roman Catholics have claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary, alive, often many hundreds or even thousands together in the same location, at the same time…but no Protestant or evangelical Christian denomination believes this eyewitness testimony to be true.

        Yet, Protestant/evangelical Christians will believe as absolute fact, that a first century dead man walked out of his tomb after three days of decomposing, ate a broiled fish lunch with his friends, and then levitated into outer space based on the testimony of…one…,possible, eyewitness’ testimony!

        F. But what about the Apostle Paul?

        The testimony of Saul/Paul of Tarsus is used by Christians as secondary proof of the Resurrection of Jesus. Christians do not allege that Paul saw a resurrected Jesus prior to his Ascension into Heaven. In I Corinthians Paul makes this statement, “Have I not seen the Christ?”

        But when Paul says he has “seen” the Christ, what did he see actually? Well, Acts chapter 26 tells us exactly what Paul saw, in his own words: Paul saw a talking, bright light that told him that it (the talking, bright light) was Jesus. And, Paul very specifically states, that he saw this talking, bright light…”in a heavenly vision”.

        Talking bright lights are not resurrected bodies and visions are not reality.

        Yes, Paul came to believe that Jesus had been bodily resurrected, but there is no evidence that Paul believed this due to seeing a resurrected body. Paul was a Pharisee, and Pharisees believed in a bodily resurrection, so if Paul believed that the talking, bright light speaking to him on the Damascus Road was the executed Jesus, then he would of course believe that he had seen the (bodily) resurrected Jesus, even if he had actually not seen a body, but only a bright light!


        The belief that a first century dead man, named Jesus, walked out of his tomb with a new, superman-like body that could teleport between cities (Emmaus and Jerusalem), could walk through locked doors (the Upper Room), and could teleport into outer space (the Ascension) is based on one alleged eyewitness who wrote a book 40-60 years after the alleged event, whose authorship was not mentioned by any Christian or non-Christian until 150 years later, at the end of the second century, when it was finally called the Gospel of John…and…on the “heavenly vision” of a vision prone Jewish rabbi, Saul/Paul of Tarsus (who also said that he was teleported to the “third heaven”. What other writer of the Bible refers to the concept of multiple heavens?)

        And we are asked to believe that based on this “evidence”, Jesus of Nazareth now sits on a throne in the far reaches of outer space, ruling as our Almighty Lord and King of the Universe??

        The Romans and Mormons have better evidence for their supernatural tall tales than this tale! It is an ancient legend, folks. A fantastic, supernatural superstition. The chances that it is true are infintisimal.

        • Jac 1 year ago

          gary, I am a “Christian” who is on the fence of faith because I need evidence….so your main argument for you to deny that Christ is our Lord is that there isn’t enough evidence to support it. Okay, so you say that there is only one “eye witness” account that may not even be an eye witness at all? What about the other sources that claim that Jesus really did resurrect from the dead? Christians say there are like 29 other sources. You say that other religions have hundreds and thousands of eye witness testimonies and Christians only have one? My Christian friends have said that there were hundreds of eye witness testimonies that saw Jesus rise from the dead. Also you debunk the gospels because of the lack of evidence that shows the authors. That is also a question I have had..about the unknown authors of the Bible. What you haven’t debunked is all of the archaeological evidence that supports the events described in the Bible. How do we know if it is the word of God? Well…because Jesus said so? What are you talking about when you say that the Catholic church voted in books of the Bible? How did the Bible become composed? If there were hundreds of “gospels” floating around during that time how did some of them become the Bible? And how do you know it’s a fact that the average life span was only 45? And what contradictions are you referring to? And how do you know that there were many intentional alterations and additions from the scribes? And you say that the originals were lost but what about the Dead Sea Scrolls? I am trying to do research on this subject because I need to know. My fiance is strongly Christian as is his whole family and I need to know what the truth is.

          • Gary 1 year ago

            Here is my advice:

            If two of your friends get into an argument and ask you to help resolve it, what is the best way to do that? The best way to resolve the debate is to listen to the evidence of both sides.

            Too many Christians listen to Christian apologists and never bother to read what skeptics have to say. You cannot objectively determine the truth by listening to only one side.

            Here are four websites that I would recommend that every Christian and non-Christian read to determine the truth regarding the claims of Christianity:

            Christian: 1. William Lane Craig’s blog
            2. Mike Licona’s blog

            Skeptics: 1. Bart Ehrman’s blog
            2. Infidels.org

            (Do a Google search to find the above blogs.)

            Read the evidence from both sides, and make up your own mind. Lastly, anyone who tells you that looking at opposing views against the Bible is dangerous; that a “devil” will take control of your mind if you do so and will pull you away from “God”…is a superstitious cultist. Don’t listen to him.

            Whoever is our Creator gave us a brain. Let’s use it!

    • gary 1 year ago


  23. katie 1 year ago

    It doesn’t matter if this list is 100% accurate or even 75% accurate, to be honest I am just so happy to hear of another persons wonderful faith in Jesus Christ! I know the world has this tendency to base things on facts because facts are things that can be completely proven to the human eye…..but that’s the point…you must think of this…..we are just humans! We are given gifts of intelligence from God to figure out things like how to build buildings, make an Iphone, build robots etc etc etc….but the reason no one can prove how the earth was made is because it was not made by a human or a random space explosion…..IT WAS CREATED BY GOD! Our human knowledge is not enough. Our little facts about the Earth and evolution is pointless. God is something that requires faith! Not facts (although its fine to look at facts) you should base your relationship with Jesus through faith not facts. To anyone seeing this and they disagree, well go ahead, disagree if you want, but just letting you know that once you start a relationship with Jesus Christ your heart and life will be far more filled then any scientific facts ever did. I love Jesus he saved me from so many things. I was lost in this world but now I am found and loved by Jesus 🙂

  24. Benjamin 1 year ago

    37 is nonsense.

  25. Jacob Suresh 1 year ago

    I will blindly embrace Jesus as my Lord and God forever.

  26. Maddie 1 year ago

    Regardless of the other comments all over the map, I am very glad to have found this list, and although many seem to be pointing out mistakes, what many don’t see is the 104 reasons, just because one has an issue in their opinion just highlight our need for a savior even more, we are NOT perfect! Thank you for this, I enjoyed it a lot regardless of others opinions, and it really helped me 🙂

  27. Shelby 1 year ago

    I was Jewish, but have become a believer.. Sometimes i question things that are hard for me to relate to or agree with when answered about christianity.. But this makes so much sense to me and makes me feel closer with god and i appreciate your time writing this blog. Despite many of the people who dont agree with your post, it means everything to the few who do. Thankyou

  28. Please look 1 year ago

    I hate all atheists who say all theists will go to hell. If you accept His boldly appendage as the real God and believe that the Invisible Pink Unicorn is watching you, then you will go to a grave when you die, no matter what your religion….

    This is what some Christians sound like…

  29. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Fun fact: There are more original manuscripts to prove the liability of the Bible than any ancient historical figure. Anyways, God Bless and have a nice day. 🙂

  30. Joshua 12 months ago

    You have music, tears, love, rainbows and laughter. Yet the source or creator does not show their face or prove their existance you say? A non-believer dies a lonely death on the record, yet cries out oh God when breathing their last breath of fear and regret. You feel the breeze, yet you do not see the wind…but it is there. Give me your brightest minds and scientific theories to simplify and dry out a life here on earth with no God, yet Einstein knew better when seeing a glimpse of a godly maestro at work who put together all the numbers, laws and formulas to create our world and human beings. Try one time giving this outrageous, crazy, theory a try…what if somebody loved you more than life and more than you loved yourself no matter what u did. And would never leave you long after all your family and friends would have passed away. How great would that be?? Truth or fairy tale, doesnt matter, just picture that. Put down your weapons and defenses on trying to prove how alone and pointless life is for a minute and ask with your heart and mind to God. “If you are real, please reveal yourself to me and loving ways into my life, as I pray and need your grace and guidance” Then lets see what happens……

    • Ryan (Catfan67) 12 months ago

      Although I have a pretty good IQ, I’m confused as to what you’re saying. Are you Christian( or co.) or atheist (or co.)?

  31. Briana 12 months ago

    Thank you for this interesting read.

    What I have learned over the years is that everything can be refuted, regardless of whether or not there’s evidence/proof Example:

    People today have been asking if the holocaust really existed or not. There is overwhelming evidence, in addition to there still being people alive today who experienced it, and relatives with stories from grandparents.

    Yet, still the pictures and movies are fake to some, and stories, etc. are exaggerated lies. There are even people who doubt that 6 million jews really died.

    So, no matter what we read, see, and hear, we need faith to believe that it’s real truth, because someone will try to refute it, or distort it, and we will be left confused, and full of uncertainty.

    I am a christian, and no matter what anyone says, I choose to have faith that all I researched was true about Jesus Christ. I know the evidence can be refuted, but my faith is unwavering, regardless.

  32. Ryan (Catfan67) 12 months ago

    I have a friend from Ohio who claims to have died three times when he was born. He told me that, respectively, he met God, he met Jesus, and he chose his life path and saw how he was going to die.
    I also believe that He exists because otherwise, I couldn’t think of a single logical basis for why we as Christians and co. say AD/BC, or atheists and co. would say CE/BCE. Seriously, why would we say that if there was no God?

  33. Briana 12 months ago

    Just the fact that knowledge has been increased so rapidly this past century is sufficient proof for me. Jesus said knowledge would be at end times.

    Even the imaginative vegans/vegetarians are an increased creative knowledge wonder today compared to the 60’s and 70’s. Look at computers, cellphones and how they advanced in 20 years: mindblowing.

    We could be back to a primitive state due to wars and destruction, but that didn’t happen. How could the gospel writers have known about increase in knowledge? So much in the bible that was predicted and difficult to “make” happen.

    One last thought: I would be an unbeliever if the christian God wasn’t mean at all.

    He put himself into us when he created human beings; if that I am convinced because are mean too.

  34. Anonymous 11 months ago

    Christians and Atheists need to realize the bible was written over a very long period of time. It was written by people who were very different than we are now, from a point of view of which we don’t understand from first glance. You have to dig down to the origins to fully understand the message. The bible backs up the big bang theory. the 6 days it took God to create the universe were not 24 hour days as you can see looking into the actually definition for day in Hebrew. They were a finite amount of time. There are at least 10 verses at the top of my head that show how the bible supports the big bang theory. There is even several verses speaking of what we know as dark matter causing the universe to expand. There are documents that we have today proving the existence of Jesus, the way he looked, the day he was crucified and even the miracles he performed. I really recommend you all go see them if given the opportunity, even if you’re not a believer. It’s amazing to see pieces of history first hand. In the bible we see that Jesus’ whole life was already detailed 100s of years before he was born and we have documented proof even today that everything predicted, in regards to Jesus, came true. The man who had Jesus crucified wrote letters describing his encounter with Jesus beforehand and the type of man he was. Every physical evidence around today tells us what kind of man Jesus was. He was our physical evidence of God (aside from the obvious design in the world you can see everywhere). He claimed he was God, he was a man that would not sin, even those who opposed him admitted he would not sin. So one can argue that being a man free of sin, the only man we know to be free of sin, he would not be lying when he said he was who he was. But his miracles also said a lot too. Now, this is nothing to an Atheist, as they can easily say “how do we know he did not sin?”, well had he been a sinner, we probably would not have Christianity today.

    I don’t have an issue with Atheism but i do take issue with Atheists who assume because they don’t believe in God that they’re smarter than Christians. If they believe that then they have already proven they’re NOT smarter. This also isn’t to say that every Atheist is like that, i know many wonderful people who are Atheists and have incredible hearts. Science is a tool, not a religion, we can all agree upon that. But through using this tool is has brought many non-believers to believer. For instance again, the big bang theory. The universe tells us that we can create something from nothing given that we have the laws of nature, the laws of nature are not physical but they act on the physical. Because there was this explosion out of nowhere to create something from nothing we know that the laws of nature were predating time. So here we have this set of forces that are not physical but they act on the physical to create something from nothing, they predate time and are outside of time and space as we know it. This is the definition of God. Not to say it’s pointing straight at Yahweh. That’s where religion comes in because science will never get outside of our own space and time to prove his existence. The bible gives us the path, we have to choose to walk it.

    Now evolution…

    Microevolution..Yes! *thumbs up* let’s adapt.

    Macroevolution.. Despite the lack of transitional fossil records to prove this theory correct. Also, what we know about chromosomes already disproves this theory. You can research this on your own. Atheists or evolutionists…we all know you’re probably not open minded enough so it’s okay. Also, chimps..monkeys…baboons…gorillas… whatever you want to say we’re related to… we have almost double the amount of y chromosomes they have. That’s enough to say that we’re not related. Evolutionist: “But we share 98% DNA” …. we also share almost 30% dna with a dandelion.. so maybe your ancestors were a flower? or….weed? not sure.
    Guess the hippies would love that.

    But hey for the fun of it let’s so macroevolution. The change of kind.. is something you believe in but you say you don’t have faith. The odds of a single cell organism to some how by chance mutate (without dying) and eventually spend millions of years continuing mutation to eventually turn into humans are some where around 1 in quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions upon quadrillions and so on…. that’s a lot of faith you have. kudos.

    But i guess told all the time that i have to believe in evolution because it’s correct, this “theory” is right (because it’s not a law of course) and that believing in God is unbelievable. But you’re asking me to believe in something with unbelievable odds but what i already believe is unbelievable? Makes sense guys. I’m happy for you if your ancestors were frogs. Just be a good human being.

    I play around a lot. I mean no offense to anyone. The point is… i’ve been on both sides. I’m a christian now because it’s obvious that there is a God. The bible always pointed to it, historical document point to it, science points to it and just observing the world myself…tells me theres a God. If you ever see a human being die (i hope you never have to) you can tell they were more than just an animal. If you see that our galaxy is perfectly designed for life to sustain earth you’ll know there is a God. Without Saturn or Jupiter even.. we could not sustain life. There is no other galaxy like ours. For people who claim that they see so many contradictions in the bible, at least be open minded enough to try again (what can it hurt?) but when you read through the bible, REALLY use your mind. Find the original translations for the hebrew text, the greek text, all of it. You’ll find more answers. Don’t look at anything from YOUR point of view, don’t think that people then spoke the way we did. They were symbolic because they didn’t have ways of describing things in the detail we can today.

    Just a fun fact. The bible speaks of dinosaurs. They lived millions of years before these people did they not? So how did they know about dinosaurs?
    It’s funny when i do lessons on this part of the bible people say “i’ve never seen the word dinosaur in the bible” and i have to respond “remember, the word dinosaur wasn’t coined until around the 19th century. In hebrew they have another word for it” hope you guys find it 🙂 it’s really cool.

    You have to open your heart to God because you can let him in. To find God, you have to accept him first.

    Alright, he’s where the people who know everything start to say whatever they want :). Thanks to whoever read my rant.

  35. Randall Lasorsa 11 months ago

    Superb site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get feedback from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!

  36. mindi silich 10 months ago

    I am a Christian however #83 about the chariot wheels is untrue. It was originally posted by a website that states that all of its articles are satirical. I think further research is needed here as many will be sharing this and I’m sure there are other errors I didn’t have time to look into them all. One of the best ways to deter non believers is to put out information without fully researching them all for accuracy. Especially in this day and age when the internet is so readily available. I suggest taking the page down until further research can be made on all claims.

  37. WolfcraftHD 9 months ago

    these reasons are so cheesy, oh and btw how is the cration of the universe proof of god?

  38. real deal 9 months ago

    Your count of Christians in 100 A D is way off. They had more than 25k the first year. The first day 3000 joined the 120. According to the World Encyclopedia of Christianity and other sources there were at least a million Christians by 100 A. D. in spite of the persecution.

    The person who claimed that the spread was because of the religion being made the official religion of the Roman Empire needs to study history. The faith became the official religion late in the empire after its expansionism because it was so popular. The Empire was falling apart. and needed a unifying force. Constantine tried to make that Christianity. It bought the empire another 100 years, but continued well afterward just as it had before.

    Politicians tap into whatever can advance them. That has nothing to do with the argument about the validity.

    People try to nitpick this list. Most of their arguments are frankly weak and unstudied. This is not a perfect list, but a lot stronger than the critics. The funny part is only one of the 105 arguments need to hold up. Picking 4 or 5 is laughable.

    Good job.

  39. John Simon 9 months ago

    First off I wish to commend you are your pre-statements. They greatly reflect my opinions of this topic and am looking for someones to have an intelligent conversation with on this topic. Not a fight but conversation and not it is true because it is!
    I grew up in a very devout Independent Fundamental Baptist Family. Because of this and some of the things that occurred during this time makes me distrust religion and want to disprove it, but also Christianity is what I know. Because of this I have a hard time remaining neutral in my studies. And of most research I have found is not facts of research on what is the truth, but instead an attempt to disprove or prove Christianity or religion.
    As a child I was taught that Christianity is correct because all these other religions are wrong this way. Religion is something that no one has been able to prove it actually exist. There are theories and evidence we have used to say x religion is correct and the only way! But my thought on this is: The success in proving one religion false is also an attempt to prove that all religions are false. Example is difference in Baptist and Catholicism. Neither have been proven absolute but each side usually assume they are correct. Well in the efforts to prove one is wrong since both religions worship something that is absolute but you must have a faith in, an individual is attacking faith in something and not the type or sect of faith. Thus to prove x faith is wrong then you are proving faith is wrong and all faiths are wrongs.
    One thing I noticed quickly reading the list is that your intentions may have been this is why Christianity is true, but instead I I look at the idea that there must be higher being, power, or God. I would agree that something keeps the universe together and not chance, but a higher being is how I will label it for now.
    Is it God, Allah, or Santa Clause I do not know and have not found anything that indicates any 100% concrete information that supports what the God’s name is and how exactly he affects us and the earth.
    When I gaze into an aquarium my mind wonders if are the fish thinking the same as we do about our universe. Their world is large and vast and complex in their mindset I would assume. We are the creator of their world and appear to it as simple and for entertainment is this how the creator of our world thinks and looks at us. Are we God’s who sprinkle food on the water surface for these creatures? Are the planets just different types of aquariums. Are we simply something to entertain a being or are we as so many think created for God and his loneliness. I cannot think of anywhere in science were something exist only in 1. 1 fish, dog, plant, or planet so why are we to assume that there is only one God? Why would this be the only instance in science were there is only 1.

  40. Abraham Smith 9 months ago

    This is a load of crap. You are a dumb piece of shit

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